Our activities

OmniChem is a Belgian company that has been active in producing Fine Chemicals for the pharmaceutical field for more than 45 years. With about 600 people located in Belgium on 2 sites complying all cGMP and FDA certification (Wetteren, Balen), OmniChem positions itself as a leader in the Pharmaceutical Fine Chemicals Industry.

OmniChem's main activity is to develop and manufacture Pharmaceutical Fine Chemicals.  

OmniChem has built up close partnerships with an increasing number of pharmaceutical companies worldwide in the field of process development and supply of key pharmaceutical intermediates and active ingredients. This continuous overall progress is directly linked to the expansion of OmniChem's technologies portfolio and production know-how.

Besides its technological arsenal and its substantial production capacity, OmniChem offers to its customers a high level of quality (FDA, MHRA, cGMP, ICH Q7A Guidelines) and service exactly matching demands and expectations of today’s pharmaceutical world.

In addition to its expertise in organic chemistry, OmniChem offers also a broad experience in cGMP extraction and purification of botanicals for production of alkaloids, cytotoxics and hemi-synthetic API as an example.  
Please feel free to visit the website of our NaturalSpecialities Business Unit, specialised in extraction and purification of botanicals.