Services & Expertise


OmniChem’s Fine Chemicals Business Unit focuses on the development and manufacturing of intermediates and Active Ingredients for the Pharmaceutical Industry. 

Each project is supported, on a confidential basis, by an R&D team of around 80 highly qualified and experienced chemists, integrating the very first lab experiments and pilot trials up to full industrial production. The development is carried out in close and open collaboration with the customer’s technical staff and coordinated through an efficient project management system.
What OmniChem offers is actually a cocktail of know-how, high technology, quality, flexibility and trustworthiness, based on a human potential of the highest level and on adapted equipments and multi-purpose facilities on two different sites in Belgium.
 Our Key competences are :
             Chemistry :

          Catalytic hydrogenation  

          Chiral chemistry  

          Hydride reductions  

          Organometallic chemistry  


          Aminoborane chemistry  

          Hemisynthesis on botanicals  

          Diazomethane chemistry           


            Technology :  

          Large scale cryogenic capacity (-100°C)  

          High pressure reaction (up to 50 bars)  

          Bunker units for toxic & sensitive reactions  

          Botanicals extraction & purification